Wednesday 29 Mar 19:30
29 Mar

Come and watch a futuristic experience of what society could look like if it was confined in a never-stopping train. What natural threat is outside? You decide!

A theatrical adventure of class struggle, solid friendships, and unexpected betrayals.

‘Transperceneige’ is a new improvised theatre play set in the dystopian world created by the comic book author Jacques Lob, and since then explored in the movie and series ‘Snowpiercer’.

In this performance directed by Gael Doorneweerd-Perry, you will have the chance to get a peek inside the train and experience an immersive and innovative theatre piece, that is written live and is different every time!

Cast: Robyn Berk Laura Doorneweerd-Perry Tanine M. Dunais Jenny Hasenack Ashley Moore Harry Sidiropulos

Musicians: Guido Boogaard Roelof Ruis

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